Illustrious Aragonese Women

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Nº 1:

Pilar Bayona

Chicken breast, arugula, zucchini, dried tomato, blue cheese, and honey vinaigrette.

About Pilar Bayona:

The greatest pianist from Zaragoza developed an intense music career since her debut at five years old. She always took into account her contemporaries artistic production, coinciding with García Lorca and Pepín Bello in the students’ hall. The long musical evenings at her house attracted a large amount of people.

6,50 €

Nº 2:

Amparo Poch y Gascón

Serrano ham (Spanish ham), caramelised onion, and Zambomba cheese (from Samper de Calanda, TERUEL).

About Amparo Poch y Gascón:

After having studied schoolteaching, she was the second woman in getting a medicine degree with honours. She centred her activity in helping the less favoured social classes, and, specially, in teaching women about their own sexual education.

6,90 €

Nº 3:

María de Ávila

Tomato, fresh spinach, avocado, and laminated mushroom.

About Maria de Ávila:

Have you ever thought why Zaragoza hosts so many talented classical dancers? From Víctor Ullate and Ana Laguna to Arantxa Argüelles and Gonzalo Portero, they have all attended the dance studio this dancer founded in our city in 1954.

6,50 €

Nº 4:

Blanca Catalán de Ocón

Mushroom hummus, tomato, red pepper, onion, zucchini, carrot, and lettuce.

About Blanca Catalán de Ocón:

The first Spanish female botanist, she collected and catalogued several species from Aragonese flora, some of them for the first time, being a flower that grows among stones one of them. She was also a poet.

6,50 €

Nº 5:

Josefa Amar y Borbón

Crispy bacon, Zambomba cheese, and apple.

About Josefa Amar y Borbón:

Illustrious writer, translator, and essay writer who centred her career in defending women intellectualpolitical, and management capacity. She was the first women joining the Aragnoese Economic Society.

6,90 €

Nº 6:

Raquel Meller

Spicy calamari.

About Raquel Meller:

Singer and actress. She was the most recognised Spanish artist internationally speaking in the first third of the 20th century. Thanks to her beauty, elegance, and talent she overcame other artists’ ( such as Carlos Gardel and Maurice Chevalier) popularity and financial status.

6,50 €

Nº 7:

María Dominguez

Tomato, tuna, and anchovies.

About María Dominguez:

Writer, teacher, and the first female mayor in the Spanish Republic. Self – taught woman with a fundamental voice in the fight for gender equality and progress. She died executed by the coup lead by Franco.

6,50 €

Nº 8:

Pilar Lorengar

Sausage, tomato, onion, Zambomba cheese, and barbecue sauce.

About Pilar Lorengar:

Soprano singer born in “El Gancho” (neighbourhood in Zaragoza), she performed as the star of the Berlin Opera Theatre during thirty years. Her first performances, after a difficult uprising, were in halls like “Ambos Mundos”“Oasis” and “Argensola”, where she started building her music career. Pilar Lorengar was the town crier in “las Fiestas del Pilar” (Zaragoza’s main festivities) of 1991.

6,90 €

Nº 9:

María Moliner

Longaniza hamburger (Aragonese typical sausage), Zambomba cheese, purple onion, tomato and mixed lettuce leaves.

About María Moliner:

She carried literacy to thousands of small villages through Pedagogic Missions. She was degraded after the Spanish Civil War. Confined at her house, she wrote the most useful and complete Spanish dictionary.

7,00 €

Nº 10:

Agustina de Aragón

Sirloin medallions, boletus sauce, and duck mi-cuit.

About Agustina de Aragón:

During the Peninsular War, after the difficulties faced by the combatants due to the upcoming French invasion, she forced the enemy’s withdrawal with a gunshot in the so called “puerta del Portillo” (Portillo’s door) during Zaragoza’s war site. Ever since then, Agustina de Aragón has been regarded as an Aragonese hero.

7,50 €


Nº 1:

Elvira Hidalgo

Pink tomato, tuna, Fuentes’ onion, and Aragonese black olives.

About Elvira Hidalgo:

One of the greatest soprano of her times, she debuted in Naples at 16 years old. She performed in the most famous European and American theatres. Despite that fact, Elvira Hidalgo is now remembered as Maria Callas’ teacher.

9,00 €


15,00 €

Nº 2:

Ana Francisca Abarca de Bolea

Escalivada (smoked grilled vegetables) timbale, serrano ham (Spanish ham), hard boiled egg, and garlic and parsley dressing.

About Ana Francisca Abarca de Bolea:

Writer who spent most of her life time in Casbas’ (Aragonese village) monastery, where she acquired a profound humanistic education. Ana de Bolea rubbed shoulders with the principal Aragonese scholars of her time, writing poems in the Aragonese old language.

9,00 €


12,00 €

Nº 3:

Nati Cañada

Lamb’s lettuce, quinoa, mix of vegetables, laminated mushroom, dried tomato, laminated Patamulo cheese, and cilantro and nuts vinaigrette.

About Nati Cañada:

Quoting the famous and creative portraitist“Painting is my way of life”. She has painted more than four thousand portraits that now hang in palace walls, presidential houses, ministries, institutions, and American and European museums.

9,00 €


15,00 €



5,00 €

7,00 €

Bravas potatoes

Potatoes with spicy sauce and mayonnaise

4,00 €

5,50 €

Dipper potatoes

With cheddar cheese cream

7,50 €


Bread Crumbs with chistorra: semi-cured sausage

4,50 €


Crispy fried pork

3,00 €

Onion rings

7,50 €

Table of croquettes

Selection of the nine croquettes of “El Entalto”:
x1 Serrano ham (Spanish ham)
x1 Cod fish
x1 Boletus
x1 Lamb
x1 Bacon and roquefort cheese
x1 Longaniza (typical Aragonese sausage)
x1 Cabrales cheese (typical Spanish cheese from Cantabria)
x1 «Happiness» (borage with mushrooms) GLUTEN FREE
x1 «Fear» (pumpkin and chili) GLUTEN FREE

10,00 €

Spanish potato salad

4,50 €

Chiken fingers

With two sauces

7,50 €


Entalto´s big croquette

To choose between:
Serrano ham (Spanish ham)
Cod fish
Bacon and roquefort cheese
Longaniza (typical Aragonese sausage)
Cabrales cheese (typical Spanish cheese from Cantabria)
– «Happiness» (borage with mushrooms) GLUTEN FREE
– «Fear» (pumpkin and chili) GLUTEN FREE
– «Surprise» (pineapple with patamulo cheese) GLUTEN FREE

2,50 €

Jamón con chorreras

Deep fried wrap of ham, Zambomba cheese, and hard boiled egg

2,10 €


Bacon, foie gras, Zambomba cheese and egg wrap

2,10 €

Cheese Patty

Filled with zambomba cheese and tomato jam

2,10 €

Deep fried shrimp and hard boiled egg

2,00 €

Deep fried shrimp

2,10 €

Spicy taco

2,10 €

Spinach croquette

2,10 €

Anchovy with olive

1,80 €


Entalto´ s dessert of the day

4,00 €

Home-made cake

3,50 €


Black tea with bergamot

Green tea with mint

Pure Chai tea

Black tea, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, cloves, cardamom, anise and licorice.

Yunan Pu-Erh tea

Red tea.

Magic moon

Black and green tea, papaya, rose hips, flowers and aroma.


Better world

Lemon balm, chamomile, mint, orange blossom, lavender, roses, trezo flowers, strawberry and blackberry leaves.


Orange and eucalyptus.

Anti-Stress Ayurveda

Cinnamon, licorice, ginger, fennel, orange and cardamom.

Re Berry

Hibiscus, raisins, blueberries, elderberries, currant and cherry aroma.

Chamomile infusion

Pennyroyal mint infusion



Black box & Borsao Wine Bottle (Borja, Spain)

A black box filled with our selection of croquettes: Serrano ham (Spanish ham) / Cod fish / Boletus / Lamb / Bacon and roquefort cheese / Longaniza (typical Aragonese sausage) / Cabrales cheese (typical Spanish cheese from Cantabria).

Accompanied by a Borsao wine bottle from Borja (Spain). You can order it inside the bar, or to take away.

13,33 €

What does the black box contain?

x1 Serrano ham croquette (Spanish ham)
x1 Cod fish croquette 
x1 Boletus croquette 
x1 Lamb croquette 
x1 Bacon and roquefort cheese croquette 
x1 Longaniza croquette (typical Aragonese sausage)
x1 Cabrales cheese croquette (typical Spanish cheese from Cantabria)
x1 «Happiness croquette» (borage with mushrooms)
x1 «Fear croquette» (pumpkin and chili)

x1 Borsao wine bottle from Borja (Spain)


Caja Negra croquetas el entalto

13,33 €








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